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Team Redcat RC Racing

RedCat Rc Cars, RC Crawlers, RC trucks Established in 2005 and have been providing us with affordable RC excitement  for all ages.

Redcat rc cars are hobby grade rc cars with the sole purpose of pure fun.

With popular rc cars and rc trucks such as the 1/10 scale REDCAT Volcano!

The 1/5 scale rc RedcaT Ramgage monster truck, as well as popular RC crawlers the Red cat Everest.

Parts support and upgrades are readily available from multiple aftermarket RC parts and upgrade vendors. As well as Redcat

REDcat rc utilizes standard wheel hex and tire and wheel sizes used by many of its competitors.  With that said upgrades are endless for these rc cars and rc trucks.

So if you’re thinking of getting into the RC hobby or just want to try out something a little different, or perhaps just want another RC car without breaking the bank!

Then come check Redcat RC‘s and find one that best suits you!

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